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Cole is an industry leader in providing custom switch solutions. Used in some of the most demanding applications in the world, Cole custom switches provide the highest levels of quality and functionality while meeting all of the customer's unique needs.

Cole Instrument is an industry leader in producing switches that answer the exacting demands of the engineer and the end user. Cole switches provide the highest quality and service life for a wide range of aerospace needs, while ensuring the best possible “feel” for pilots in commercial and military situations.

Cole Instrument provides the commercial sector with switches that meet the highest levels of quality and precision. Using measures that mirror the strictest military standards, Cole produces a switch that offers dependable operation for our customers’ consumers.

Cole Instrument prides itself on producing switches that are able to meet and exceed the strictest Military standards. In harsh environments, where reliability is a matter of life and death, Cole switches excel in providing the utmost in function and dependability. Demanding situations call for Cole switches.


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The Innovative Switch Company

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Founded in 1965, Cole has earned a world class reputation for designing and manufacturing high quality, precision rotary switches for Commercial, Aerospace and Military applications.

The Innovative Switch Company

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