Illuminated Switches

IS3900 Series Switches

IS3900 Series - Illuminated


Illuminated Shaft, One Inch Diameter Body



Illuminated Shaft, One Inch Diameter Body


Continuous (Non-Switching) Current Capacity
5 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 28 VDC Resistive
1 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 115 VAC Resistive
1 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 28 VDC Inductive (2.8 H.)
0.5 Amps
Low Level Capable YES
Switching Life
25,000 cycles
15 grams


Contact Surfaces Gold Plated
Vibration Tested YES
High Impact Shock Tested YES
Moisture Resistant YES
Salt Spray Resistant YES
Explosion Proof YES
Shaft Seal  Available
Panel Seal Available



Hewlett Packard P/N HLMA-KH00
Current 20 mA
Voltage 2.4 VDC
Brightness 200 MCD Typ. (35 min)
Wave Length 615 mm


Degrees Max. Positions Poles Available
30° 12 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6
36° 10 1 or 2
45° 8 1, 2 or 4
60° 6 1, 2 or 3
90° 4 1 or 2



Illuminated Shaft, One Inch Diameter Body


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  • Product Photos
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  • Ordering Information
  • Technical Data
  • Information on IS3900 Series Switches


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Illuminated Shaft, One Inch Diameter Body


Cole Instrument Corporation is proud to offer a rotary switch with illumination through the end of the shaft front. This can be used to light up any part of the rotary switch's knob. An LED (Light Emitting Diode) or an incandescent lamp is on the back end of the switch body, and a light pipe or fiber optics brings the concentrated light through the switch to the shaft front.

The Series IS3900 switch offers maximum and optimum visibility at sunlight with minimum power levels. And at night, there is zero light leakage through the length of the switch. Light can meet most chromaticity or intensity requirements. The light can be an LED or a T1 incandescent lamp.

The switch features good heat sinking capabilities, and delivers up to twice the light intensity of units at equivalent power levels. On light failure, reclamping can be done by the customer.

Cole can provide the replacement assembly. This switch can be used in airborne, shipboard, and submarine panel control displays and meets the brightness requirements of high altitude aircraft, as well as the MIL-S-901C shock requirement for submarines and ships.



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